Redfin Partner Agents Arrive in Santa Clarita!

Great news for folks in Santa Clarita: Redfin just partnered with four local agents to help our customers buy and sell homes. Check out our coverage area below.


In areas beyond the reach of Redfin agents in Southern California, Redfin partners with experienced, local agents whom we have carefully chosen to uphold our standards of customer service, transparency and experience. If you buy or sell a home with a Redfin partner, he or she will provide you with a 15% commission credit at closing, usually worth $1,000.

Meet Our Santa Clarita Partner Agents

We put our partner agent applicants through the ringer to ensure that our customers will get great service:

  • Interviewed in-person by a Redfin market manager
  • Completed at least 15 transactions as an agent
  • Offered at least three customer references
  • Agreed to survey every new client and publish every review
  • Paid based on customer satisfaction; removed from the program for bad reviews
Dee Dee Hubbard

Serving Santa Clarita, East Ventura
Homes Closed: 87+

Mike Tagliere

Serving Santa Clarita
Homes Closed: 25+
Christine Kulka

Serving Santa Clarita
Homes Closed: 31+

Ken Grech

Serving Santa Clarita, East Ventura
Homes Closed: 300+

Apply to be a Redfin Partner

Are you a real estate agent with a commitment to customer service and transparency? We’d love to meet you. Become a Redfin partner.

  • Kyle E

    Congratulations Redfin this is a smart partnership program for home buyers looking for an alternative to traditional Realtor brokerages.

  • ed hardy

    I really appreciate your help.