Buy a Home Without Leaving Yours…

All you tech-saavy readers out there know the internet offers endless possibilities. We can buy our clothes, groceries, and even our homes from the comfort of our bed. Heck, we can do it all in our pajamas if we want.


You can search for homes, submit an offer and negotiate online(note I do suggest actually getting out to look at them and not going by internet pictures alone). But that mortgage is where things got a little trickier. But fear not all you homebodies, there’s a new solution for you! A few internet based mortgage companies are working to pull out yet another middle man - the mortgage broker. There’s several models out there. Some just work by having online brokerages paying salaries to their employees (thus avoiding them pushing you into a loan where they earn better commission) and others will submit your info to various lenders looking for the best deal for you.

Just a few more options out there (as if there weren’t enough already!) as you go about your house hunting!