Making A Killing In Dana Point: You’ll Blink Twice!

eye3.gif It’s interesting how even in a tough market, you’ve got homeowners who are still trying to make a killing. I did some fancy footwork and discovered that the homes below that recently hit the market are selling for a lot more — sometimes even double or triple or more – than what they sold for the last time a “for sale” sign was placed in their front yards. Here’s what I mean, I think you’ll blink twice:

25802 Alicia Dr. Current Price Tag: $2.2+ Million, last sold in 2003 for $975,000 — 5br/4bth, single-family residence.

25582 Eastwind Dr. Current Price Tag: $879,000, last sold in 1995 for $276,ooo –4br/2.5bth, single-family residence.

34022 East Blue Lantern St. Current Price Tag: $2.1+Million, last sold in 2002 for $484,500 — 4br/2bth, single-family residence.

23731 Brisbane Bay Current Price Tag: $1.3+Million, last sold in 2000 for $565,000 –3br/2bth, single-family residence.