Fire, the Aftermath and Help

helping.jpgCurrently, the City of Irvine is not in the path of the fire. We send our best wishes to those whose are still facing this threat. Thanks to Julie for earlier in the week expressing our good wishes to those whose are still dealing with immediate danger from the fire (Loss from Fire… the aftermath?).

Now, Irvine, as well as all southern California cities and counties, will be dealing with the aftermath of the fire for some time to come. This includes both the short-term cancellation of activities and the long-term need for help.

You might want to contact your city for information on cancellations. Also, please note that FEMA has set up an assistance center at the One Stop Center in Irvine (location and hours listed below).

Activities in Irvine Canceled
Due to poor air quality, all City of Irvine outdoor activities and programs will be canceled or postponed until Monday (October 29th). These include Boo Bash, all outdoor classes and lessons, sports leagues, park amenities (skate park, Adventure Playground, aquatics complex and athletic fields).

helpbike1.jpgThe sold-out Pumpkin’, Pickin’ & Carvin’ Event, originally scheduled at Bommer Canyon, will be moved indoors to Las Lomas Community Park. Las Lomas Community Park is located at 10 Federation Way.

The Youth Job Fair at the Lakeview Senior Center will still occur since the event will be held indoors.

In addition, due to the fire, ash, wind and poor air quality, the Orange County Great Park balloon rides, which are free until the end of the year, have been suspended. The rides will resume on November 1st.

Help in Irvine—FEMA Opens Local Assistance Center
To assist fire victims, FEMA opened a Local Assistance Center (LAC) in Irvine.


The Irvine One-Stop Center
125 Technology Drive West, Irvine, suite 200

Hours of Operation:
Today (Friday) 8 am to 7 pm
This weekend—Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28—from 9 am to 4 pm
As needed, service hours may be extended.