“Worst will be behind us by next spring”


OC Register Jeff Collin’s post “Agents see market bottom by spring ’08″ gave an insider perspective on market trends from local agents. Agents met up in Orange yesterday for a marketing session (to show each other the homes the have listed, etc.). Most interesting is that the agents interviewed said “that the worst will be behind us by next spring, with signs of improvement already starting to surface.”

While that sounds nice, do we believe it? Whatever happened to the notion that we’re in this one for the long haul… until 2011 or later. My favorite on this post is Tom’s comment:

“Surely a credible report, since Realtors:

1) Are impartial parties in this matter.

2) Have consistently predicted market trends in public forums accurately in the past.

3) Have a strong grasp of economic trends and how they impact housing.”