Show Me The Money!

Let’s face it – our houses are our homes, as they are the place we rest our feet at night, as they are also (for many if not most) of us, our biggest investments.   Just two years ago when this market was feeling “hot, hot, HOT” it was easy to cash into the real estate market to make some money.  But now the market’s changed and the LA Times just wrote an article talking about how this means our buying and selling strategies have changed as well as we try to make/save money.

Their article, “Low Fee?  Let’s Deal!” was the top story about 10 days ago.  It took a deeper look at what discount, flat fee real estate companies have to offer.   Much of the article talks about things that you and I all know – some say you get what you pay for with these companies and others say it’s worth it.  The writer also went on to list out many of these flat fee companies.  But they failed to mention one…Redfin.  Perhaps you’re new to this website, or you just read this blog because it was forwarded to you. 

But here’s a question:  What can Redfin do for you?  Now I could give you a nice long writing sample explaining this, or you could watch this handy dandy video that the crafty marketing team created and find out for yourself, “What can Redfin do for you?” in regards to buying your home.


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