Checking in on Newport Beach

This is actually the first inventory post of the new year. Let’s take a look and see how the first quarter is getting off to a start. I have had many conversations with quite a few people about how the market will perform this year. Unfortunately it is projected to be more of the same. Although many houses are decreasing in value, the instability of the market will continue to reek havoc with buyers and sellers alike. Peaks and valleys are the norm in any industry, but the peaks are a little higher and the valleys a little longer in real estate.

z-home-for-sale.png Homes for Sale

z-home-sales-and-demand-trends.png Home Sales and Demand Trends

z-housing-market-conditions.png Housing Market Conditions

z-price-per-square-foot.png Price Per Square Foot

z-real-estate-price-trends.png Real Estate Price Trends

  • Dominic

    Thanks for the updates. btw… Last 2 graphs shown are for HB.

  • Brian

    Hey Dominic, thanks for the catch, I will make the changes now.