May not have won at the Grammy’s, but Tustin Ranch ROCKS!


Tustin may not be Grammy Award winners Amy Winehouse, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, or even Herbie Hancock, but one thing is sure… Tustin Ranch is a winner!

Back in early January, I posted on Tustin Ranch’s amazing 81.8% increase in home sales in December 2007 compared to the same time 2006. This was while most of the rest of OC was down 44%. I doubted whether these numbers were really a sign that Tustin Ranch was a rock star or just some fluke.

However, now, we see more good news about Tustin Ranch sales. Jon Lansner reported that Tustin Ranch sales were up over 95% this January compared to 2006! If that’s not a true sign of a rock star in this market, I don’t know what is.

In general, OC sales are still down 44% from last year. So, what’s got Tustin Ranch doing so well? Here are some potential scenarios that come to mind. Tustin Ranch sales were worse off than the rest of OC in 2006. Tustin Ranch owners have been using creative tactics in selling their homes, or just plain dropping prices. Or, Tustin Ranch is a highly desirable location with its newer developments, clean family living, and convenient location. You be the judge!

  • Mike Upton

    Wow! Looks like real estate is a great investment again. Let’s all run out and by more!

  • Julie Lance

    Ha! I’ll buy a house if you will…