If there’s any day of the year where overindulgence is acceptable, St. Patrick’s Day just might be it.  But for a few homeowners, their greed might be costing them the sale of their house.

If you leave work at noon to go slam a few green beers and not return to the office on any given Monday, your boss just might be escorting you to an AA meeting on Tuesday.  But today this is excusable, and often encouraged.  After your belly is filled to the brim with beer, there’s the fat laced, but oh so rich Corned Beef Brisket to gnosh on.   Let’s face it, St. Patty’s day brings out the glutton in all of us.  So today I want to look at some greedy sellers.  My guess is they won’t see any little leprechauns bringing them any gold today! 

27181 Cipres, MV
3 beds / 2 baths / 1,109 Sq Ft
Listed at:  $625,000
$/Sq Ft:  $564
DOM:  160 Days
Last Sold:  30 Years ago (seriously the taxes are around $1,000 based on last assessment!)
Comparable Home Prices:  $449,000-$549,000

25862 Spruce, MV
3 beds / 2 baths / 1,246 Sq Ft
Listed At:  $695,000
$/ Sq Ft:  $558
DOM:  64
Last Sale:  $265,000 (10.4.00)
Comparable Home Prices:  $525,000-$610,000

25942 Portafino DR, MV 
4 beds /2 baths / 2,077 Sq Ft
Listed At:  $950,000
$ / Sq Ft:  $457
DOM:  19 Days
Last Sale:  LONG time ago – Home appraised at $114,000
Comparable Home Prices:  $600,000-$799,000