Please, No More Bad News

It seems like real estate is becoming synonymous with all things bad and negative. For many, the word is causing an almost Pavlovian response and for good reason. Hearing that a house is for sale could mean any number of things, from foreclosures, to the price being many times out of your range. A friend of mine said he passed by a friend’s house the other day and it was on the market for foreclosure. This seems to be common place these days. Once was a time when people sold their homes simply to go to something better or closer to their jobs. No longer is this the case, often people are selling without choice. Sad indeed, but never the less, a sign of the times. As we take a look at inventory for Newport Beach, we can be assured these numbers reflect the aforementioned situations.

z-home-for-sales.png Homes for Sale

z-home-sales-demand-trends.png Home Sales Demand Trends

z-housing-market-conditions.png Housing Market Conditions

z-real-estate-price-trends.png Real Estate Price Trends

price-per-square-foot.png Price Per Square Foot