Feeling, Hot, Hot, HOT!

Everyone’s talking about it.  Disgruntled neighbors shake their heads each time they see it.  Homeowners stomach’s flipflop each time a sign goes up.  But it’s a fact of life in this housing market. 

In print and in word, this is the top story.  Lanser’s claiming these are the hottest selling homes in the OC.  SouthOCTracker has followed a few.  Analysts, investors, homeowners, renters, business men and stay at home moms alike all discuss this readily.  Just what has grabbed our attention?  Foreclosures.

While they are now fairly common, many still cringe and watch carefully knowing it will affect their current home value.  And today there’s a new tool out there to help you stalk your local market!  Hotpads.com literally tracks and maps (to a city and street, though no specifc address is given) local foreclosures.  Then it shows you a map of how “hot” foreclosures are in your area (I’ll give you a hint, all of California is still red!).

Why this tool is cool:
-Great for prospective buyers to track out neighborhoods
-Great for homeowners to see trends in their current neighborhood
-Great for analysts and bloggers alike to make speculations

Why this tool is uncool:
-For those homeowners who in an almost OCD-like way check the values of their homes daily (this won’t help you, I promise)
-For the love, can’t Laguna Hills be recognized as a city?
-It’s depressing, when you look at the big picture (below) you see what a mess we’re in (but that’s not the tool’s fault is it?)