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As of late I have been spending a considerable amount of time in Newport Beach. Part of my business and new clients have brought me to the wonderful city located in South Orange County. During my most recent trip out there I noticed something very interesting and that is – I absolutely love the place. And what is not to love, it’s on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, there’s Crystal Cove, residential area such like Newport Coast, great eating at restaurants like Ten and Javier’s. Of course, this is just a short list of things to like. Being in Newport Beach, you feel a sense of accomplishment…whether you are accomplished or not and that right there is the very point of the city. Being in a new area always feels great, but with all the great things this city has to offer it makes it all the better.

When writing this blog I often write from a very local perspective, sometimes forgetting that anyone from around the country, or world for that matter can read this and use it to their advantage. So for those that may not be familiar with Newport Beach, just know you can’t go wrong. For those that want to arrive and for those that have, here are some stats and graphs for your perusal.