Laguna Hills Foreclosures


I remember back in the day when everyone was critiquing (and by everyone I mean myself included) the sudden onslaught of online property evaluators.  Everyone had their own opinion as to which ones were the most accurate and offered the best tools.

As the market has changed we are seeing a new wave of tools.  This time these websites are listing property information on foreclosures.  In keeping with the market I have searched through many of them and have found pros and cons to many.

The sites abound (,, etc.) but perhaps the cheapest (as in free) one around is  It offers fairly up to date, information.  You can find all you’d need in your quest to take a gamble on the market, try and snag a good deal or just plain snoop  on the neighbors.  The only drawback with the free membership is that you won’t get a map with all the listings on it, just a list where you can click on the map of an individual property.

And while you’re at it you can check out these recent filings of foreclosures in Laguna Hills.  As you can see the foreclosure is nondiscriminating, affecting all home types, styles and price ranges these days.

24306 Val Verde Ct
2 beds / 2 baths / 1,026 Sq Ft
Listed at:  $274,900
Last Sold:  $410,000 (4.11.05)

24662 Linda Flora St
5 beds / 3 baths / 2,680 Sq Ft
Listed For:  $699,000
Last Sold:  $390,000 (9.24.01)
This one has me scratching my head…

25232 Rockridge Rd
5 beds / 7 baths / 6,000 Feet
Listed For:  $3,395,000
Last Sold:  $1,950,000 (3.25.03)

  • Joseph

    Actually foreclosure point is more expensive than most of the other services at $79.95/mo. No maps. Awful user interface. Definitely try the others first.

  • Sheila

    Thanks for the heads up Joseph! Interesting. I was looking at the “free” services and it’s the only one that gives you full addresses. I found a few that give you partial addresses, or some that give addresses of a few properties, but this was the only one with the full property address.
    I did notice how awfully slow the website was though!

  • ron

    I find it helpful to search on the free version of RealtyTrac because the map interface works well. RealtyTrac will not tell you the full address, but it will tell you the street name, sqft and city. Then go to ForeclosurePoint and search based on sqft/city and look for the street name.

    Still don’t get much info though. If you need more info, you will have to pay.