Happy Birthday USA! What Can We Give You?

stars.jpgHappy Fourth! It’s our birthday, and I hope everyone is enjoying the celebration.

Gift giving is often part of a birthday celebration. So who should be giving to whom, and what would be an appropriate gift at this time? I have a suggestion.

We have a domino effect here is Orange County: the subprime meltdown lead the way to fewer home sales, which lead the way to job layoffs in the housing sector, which resulted in less money for other goods and services, which lead to layoffs in non-housing related industries, and so on, and so on.

Orange County food banks are feeling the pain. As one person who has been a relief worker since 1983 put it: “This is as bad as I’ve seen.” Also, Margie Wakeham of Families Forward in Irvine stated that demand has gone up drastically. Now white-collar workers and blue-collar workers are showing up at food banks. Demand is up, but donations are down. Also, increased fuel and food costs have make it more difficult for food banks to meet the growing demand. The result is that some in need have been turned away.

So now is a good time to display some of that generous spirit that is part of the American character. A gift to the Second Harvest Food Bank, which recently opened a facility on the Orange County Great Park grounds, is one way to display our American spirit. Gifts of your money, your time or non-perishable food would be appreciated. You also might volunteer at the Incredible Edible Park in Irvine, and, if you go to the upcoming Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, canned food donations will get you into the fair free at certain times. For other ways to help, contact OC Partnership or Share Our Selves in Costa Mesa.

  • anna

    How does one start volunteering at the Edible Park?


  • http://orangecounty.redfin.com/blog/author/sylvia.walker Sylvia Walker


    I will look into this and get back to you.

  • http://orangecounty.redfin.com/blog/author/sylvia.walker Sylvia Walker

    For information on volunteering, contact Kris at 949/653-2900 ext. 166 or kris@feedoc.org.
    For more details, see the post “Lend a Hand at the Incredible Edible Park.”