Picture Perfect: Do you need to hire a photographer?


You would think after looking at so many listings, I’d become immune to poor photo choices…. but sadly this is not the case. I am still in shock when I see a listing with horrific photo choices. So, here’s a message to sellers and agents everywhere: Pay attention to those photos you’re posting!

So many times curb appeal is stressed to buyers. They’re told, “The outside of your house is the first thing buyers see. Buyers will judge your house from the curb. If they’re not enticed to go inside, then off they’ll go to their next viewing.” I do agree with this thought. However, what’s really the first thing buyers see when looking? Answer: Photos of your home in the MLS.

Some sellers go all out and hire professional photographers to take pictures of their homes, such as these folks:

1232 Camden Dr, North Tustin 92705 The first picture reminds me of what heaven might look like. Definitely professional, definitely Photoshop, definitely good.

20541 E Amapola Ave, Orange 92869 Good angles to capture rooms in their entirety and feeling.

A lot of these phtographers will Photoshop their shots to look even better. I’m okay with this, as long as it’s done in moderation and doesn’t look out of place. These people went a little over-board on the whole Photoshop business:

17982 Darmel Pl, Santa Ana 92705 Overdone clouds… makes me suspicious.

11060 Gold Star Ln, North Tustin 92705 Real sunset or not? You be the judge.

So, do you need to hire a professional? Heck no! You just need a quality digital camera and a steady hand (no blurry pictures!). These sellers/agents did the photos themselves, but they look great:

11631 Marble Arch Dr, North Tustin 92705 Lots of good, straight-forward pictures. Multiple views into same room helps me get a better feeling of what the room is like.

2202 Silk Tree Dr, Tustin 92780 Nothing fancy here but straight-shooting… this listing makes me feel comfortable in the fact that the sellers are putting their outdated home out there as is… no surprises, you either like it or don’t.

And for these folks, I have to ask, “Is this really putting your best foot forward?”

4731 E Blue Jay Ave, Orange 92869 Unless they were going for dark and dreary, there’s room for improvement.

601 S Pine St, Santa Ana 92701 Not one picture makes me want to go look at this place.

14682 Devonshire Ave, Tustin 92780 News flash: it’s no longer Christmas time… also too much clutter.