Free Home Energy Efficiency Classes in Orange County

We all need energy, and so does your home. So we might as well provide it in the most efficient and, in the long run, most cost-effective way.

Here are a few possibilities:

home-depot-energystore.jpgHome Depot offers free clinics that will help you to repair and maintain your home in an energy efficient way. Currently, these clinics are held on Saturdays at 10 am at the various Home Depot locations. In October, Sunday clinics at 1 pm will be offered in addition to the Saturday clinics. A range of topics that will help you conserve energy, such as installing dimmer switches as well as caulking and sealing your windows, is covered. Topics vary store by store, so check with your local Home Depot to see what is available. The Costa Mesa and Irvine stores are at the following locations:

Also, South Coast Air Quality Management District‘s (AQMD) Lawn Mower Exchange Program will start up again in spring 2009. For a relatively small fee, the Lawn Mower Exchange Program allows you to trade an operable gasoline-powered lawn mower for a zero-emission cordless electric lawn mower (the fee was $100 in 2008). The electric mowers reduce VOX, CO and NOx emissions. The number of electric mowers allocated for 2008 has already been given out, so if you would like to get an e-mail notification that tells you when spring 2009 registration will be available, click here.