Home Staging Gone Awry in Costa Mesa

If you want to sell your house, home staging can often help to accentuate the positive while minimizing the negative. But sometimes staging can go awry. A three-bedroom Mesa Verde home in Costa Mesa is an example of this. Click on the link to see what I mean. For the most part the staging is fine. In fact, the first picture is appealing, but look at picture four, the living room picture.The diagonal furniture arrangement cries out that the size and shape of this room makes it difficult to fit all the furniture that would normally be placed in a living room. Sometimes the diagonal arrangement works, but not this time. A few pieces of furniture in a more traditional furniture arrangement would be a better idea.

Here is what some other homes in the area have sold for recently:

2903 Pemba Drive: 3 beds/2 baths, 1768 SF, built in 1960
Sold for $775,000 on 6-15-08 ($438/SF)

3140 Sumatra Place, Costa Mesa: 3 beds/2 baths, 1820 SF, built in 1957
Sold for $506,250 on 8-18-08 ($278/SF)

2013 North Capella Court, Costa Mesa: 4 beds/2 baths, 1638 SF, built in 1963
Sold for $620,000 on 8-15-08 ($379/SF)

  • Dominic

    hahaha ….good one!….it looks like they dropped off the furniture and forgot to arrange it:)

  • Drew

    Nobody in their right mind would stage a room like that. Somebody had to have moved the furniture around…I hope.

  • http://www.creativeconceptsandcontracting.com margaret

    I’m sure some home stager is calling the realtor right now asking who moved the furniture and when new photos are being taken!

  • http://Laurabelle Laura Zublin

    That and the small, flat pillows on the bed are a pet peeve…reeks of cheap motel…

  • Gabe

    That’s pretty funny. It looks like the furniture was placed randomly.

  • http://orangecounty.redfin.com/blog/category/costa_mesa_irvine Sylvia Walker

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Hopefully, for the homeowner’s sake, the living room will get a makeover soon. This is an example of making a problem worst and can be a lesson for everyone on not trying to be overly clever.

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