Case-Shiller: OC Home Prices Slowly Headed for Solid Ground?

Let’s check in on the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices (HPI). Here’s a summary of the latest data for the Los Angeles area, which includes LA and Orange Counties:

February 2009
Month to Month: Down 2.0%
Year to Year: Down 24.1%
Change from Peak: Down 40.4% in 29 months

Since Case-Shiller lumps LA and Orange Counties together, I won’t repeat everything I wrote on the LA Sweet Digs blog. For more analysis and some graphs of the LA Case-Shiller data, check out my post over there: Case-Shiller: LA Home Prices Still Moving Slowly Toward Stabilization.

  • Jc

    How often you update the prices in your database

    for what I can read… you still have prices from February-2009

    And we all ready ending May 2009
    oh boy you dragging it

  • San Diego Property Management

    Business week recently published an article where they predicted the bottom of the real estate market to take place in 2011/2012. LA was projected to have one the steepest declines. Ultimately the finance market is still crippled and until $1 trillion is pumped in we won’t be returning to normalcy.

    For context, I write a blog on San Diego Property Management