Case-Shiller: OC Home Prices Creeping Toward a Bottom?

Let’s check in on the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices (HPI). Here’s a summary of the latest data for the Los Angeles area, which includes LA and Orange Counties:

March 2009
Month to Month: Down 1.4%
Year to Year: Down 22.3%
Change from Peak: Down 41.3% in 30 months

Since Case-Shiller lumps LA and Orange Counties together, I won’t repeat everything I wrote on the LA Sweet Digs blog. For more analysis and some graphs of the LA Case-Shiller data, check out my post over there: Case-Shiller: LA Home Prices Creeping Toward a Bottom?.

  • Milka

    God I hope so, we sold our house and can’t find anything but overpriced homes in Cypress and Los Alamitos

  • Huntington Beach Real Estate

    Only one way to go from bottom right?

  • JamesD

    Now you tell me………………….

    (p.s. good stuff!)

  • Keven S

    Love it! Cant’ say enough good things about Redfin and their genuine interest in caring for their clients every step of the way!

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    Awesome work guys! I like your Home Inspection Tool.

  • Ryan Brainard

    This page has broken image links (helpful information though!). Looks like there are file access issues loading the images from Picasa.

    • chaddierickx

      Thanks for the heads up, Ryan! We’ll get these fixed. I’m glad you liked the post.