Case-Shiller: Orange County Home Prices Fall Back Into YOY Losses

Let’s check in on the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices (HPI). Here’s a summary of the latest data for the Los Angeles area, which includes LA and Orange Counties:

December 2010
Month to Month: Down 1.3%
Year to Year: Down 0.2%
Prices at this level in: October 2003
Peak month: September 2006
Change from Peak: Down 37.6% in 51 months
Low Tier: Under $309,109
Mid Tier: $309,109 to $506,475
Hi Tier: Over $506,475

Since Case-Shiller lumps LA and Orange Counties together, I won’t repeat everything I wrote on the LA Sweet Digs blog. For more analysis and some graphs of the LA Case-Shiller data, check out my post over there: Case-Shiller: Los Angeles Home Prices Fall Back Into YOY Losses