Should I Wait Until Spring to List My Home? – Irvine Edition

Over on the national blog, we just posted another big analysis of hundreds of thousands of listings and sales. Here are the numbers for Orange County, where winter is still a winning time to list your home for a quick sale, a better chance of selling, and a better price:

What season should I list my home?

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  • TravelCostaMesa

    I wonder what makes winter such a good season. If I'm reading that right, it looks like homes spend less time on the market and a much larger percent sell compared to other seasons. I wonder what factors play a part.

  • buy my house now

    wow.i think it is a very good opportunity for those person who want to sale their homes.and i think winter is very good season for selling home or house because in this season people have to change their home and they have to travel fro one place to another for enjoying and have to change in life.and may be some other reasons that's why people sale or buying home.but my point of view is it…..

  • Brampton Homes for Sale

    This one is really one of the fantastic and selling home information from real estate world.Thanks

  • rhg

    There is very little fresh inventory out there.  I have several clients in the $600k-$3m range; there is very little decent inventory to show.  A good property will have fewer competing properties and motivated buyers during the winter months.

  • Beau1k

    It's the good old supply and demand people.  Inventory is low during the “winter” here in the OC as many people still think spring is the best time to sell.  Low inventory means more competition for the amount of the properties on the market. People are dumb.  Impatient.  Emotional.  It seem obvious enough to me that the time to buy is in the spring because there is more inventory and more competition means lower prices. 

  • business middle east

    now a days the price of the property is increasing is very high and it is very difficult to purchase any house it is very difficult for middle or lower class to purchase the house