Phoenix Area Service Changes

We’re making a couple of changes to our Phoenix service areas to give most of you access to homes more quickly and offer a better selection of local agents who know your market.

Starting June 11th, Gilbert, Chandler & Tempe will be merged with our East Valley service area, which is serviced by Redfin partner agents. We will also be transitioning the Anthem/New River area to our partner agent program.

After running the numbers (as we love to do), we’ve decided that more home buyers in the areas listed above would benefit from our partner agent program. We’ve had a lot of success with our partner agent program in similar situations; it helps us connect customers to agents who meet our standards of excellence and can offer real feet-on-the-ground expertise in locations where we can’t spend as much time.

Our new partners will give you a wider choice of agents, local expertise, and continued access to short sale properties, as well as properties priced below $175,000 that Redfin generally doesn’t service with our own agents. Our partners share our commitment to a no-pressure, service-first real estate experience and still offer a 15% commission rebate.

Our partners are live on and ready to help new clients. Redfin will continue to offer direct service in the greater Phoenix area.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming change, please let us know.