Home Buying Class Turns Into Story Time

Last night we held a Home Buying Class in Scottsdale. Justin Toenjes was kind enough to bring delicious food from SomeBurros and everyone was surprisingly chatty before the class, I’m giving the food credit for that.

The class started off with a video slideshow of a random photos I’ve taken over the years. These photos are a collection of beautiful homes, bizarre photos and damage found in homes. Almost every photo has a story behind it, but I decided to save those stories for later. Here is the video.

Part of the home buyer class includes a PowerPoint presentation with over 50 slides loaded with information about the market, the buying process and financing. While it would have been easy to simply read off the slides, it was far more entertaining to provide real live stories and examples to everything covered in the presentation. The stories brought the material to life and had everyone engaged and asking questions. Before I knew it, everyone had a story of their own to share as well.

As the class wrapped up all the stories got me thinking. In today’s market home buyer’s won’t walk away with just one story to tell about their home buying experience, everyone will have several stories to tell. That’s because finding the right home in today’s market involves a lot of trial and error, not to mention endless persistence. When one deal falls apart to you have to pick yourself up and keep trying, its just the way this market is.

If you have a story to share, join us at our next Home Buying Class or happy hour, we’d love to have you join us. Email me if you want to get a heads up about our next class or happy hour.

Here is the Home Buying Class presentation

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