Standing Room Only… Short Sale Class, Well Received

Redfin’s traditional Home Buying Class is an excellent class that has become the polished cornerstone for each market across the country. However, we Phoenicians have made it clear, we know what it takes to get a home contract, but we need some extra info (and help) when it comes to getting a short sale home to close. With that in mind, I created a brand new class about buying bank owned and short sale homes.

Last Thursday we held the class for the first time and it was great to see the room packed and every seat full. The class was supposed to be 2 hours long, but quickly ran over due to the great questions everyone brought up and the stories home buyers shared with us. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated!

Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation for anyone that would like to review the content from the class.

What’s Next?

For anyone looking to meetup, hang out and enjoy a free drink we’ll be hosting a happy hour next week. Justin Toenjes will also be joining us for anyone with questions about financing and credit scores.

In four weeks we will host another class in Chandler all about short sales. We’ll take last week’s class and spice it up a bit. Repeat offenders…err, attendees are welcome, we’ll provide free food and as always we’ll all learn a lot.

Don’t forget to RSVP!

Happy Hour: June 9th @ Olive and Ivy

Upcoming Class: Short Sales Demystified!

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  • Phoenix Allen

    Will you share with us about the content of the class on short sale?