Top 10 Reasons to Walk Away from a Home

We see a lot of homes and over the years we’ve seen everything imaginable thanks to the distressed home inventory. Overall I can honestly say, we’ve seen the condition of homes improve over time, yet there are still a number of items that either freak out home buyers or give them reason to think the home could turn into a money pit.

Here are the top 10 reasons home buyers walk away from a home:

  1. Scorpions
  2. Road noise
  3. Powerlines
  4. Excessive water stains on the ceiling
  5. Extensive roof repair needed
  6. Signs of previous owner vandalism
  7. Really old AC units
  8. Fuzzy black stuff called mold
  9. Unexplainable water staining on the walls
  10. Unidentifiable (knock you over) odors

Some of these items are genuine concerns and others should be investigated in more detail before you  run away. If the home is perfect (physical defects aside) you can typically find a way to make it work for a price. On the other hand, you might have personal experience with a particular item and it just makes sense to close the door, lock it and move on.

When you find a problem with the home, keep these questions in mind:

  • Can I fix the issue?
  • How much will it cost to fix the issue? (ongoing and one time)
  • What do I need to learn before I make a decision?
  • Who should I contact to get the most reliable information?
  • What impact will this have on the resale value of the home?
  • What questions should be asked of the home owner to understand the problem better?
  • Will I eventually adjust to the issue and not notice it?

At the end of the day 95% of the issues we find in homes can be fixed with some minor repairs and better self-education on the topic. Its the lack of knowledge that tends to scare home buyers away from homes unnecessarily.

For example, termites are a very common in Arizona. What a lot of home buyer’s don’t realize is that our termites are ”Subterranean termites” and they are extremely easy to get rid of. Not to mention, the cost is nowhere near what you would expect.

I’ve seen some pretty extensive termite damage (photo), but for the most part the damage is minimal and the treatment is cheap and easy to do. Talk to a home owner back east about the termites they get and you’re likely to hear a very different story.

Bottomline, do your homework and take the advice of a licensed professional before you bail on what could be the right home for you.

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