What Do You People WANT?

I’m just going to level with y’all.

It’s one of my performance goals to write one of these blog posts every week, and every week, I approach the goal with a healthy heapin’ spoonful of a little something I like to call dread, or as they call it in German, dredenscheiningruvenshtocken.*

Now at first I thought that this dread was just some sort of performance anxiety, but I had an epiphany yesterday. Okay, maybe epiphany is a little strong. Maybe “duh-moment” would be more accurate.

I have no idea what you guys and gals want to read about. None at all.

But I’m not supposed to admit that, right? I’m supposed to just keep trying different articles and then track your pageviews like I’m some sort of criminal mastermind, then slowly and gradually hit on a winning formula of pure crowd-pleasingness; drawing you in, addicting you to content without you ever even knowing it. Mwa ha ha.

Frankly, that sounds like a lot of work, and really, I’m not the mastermind type. So I thought I’d just ask. Nicely.

So, could I please ask you to take a minute to fill out a little survey I came up with? Please? Pleeeeeease? (It helps if you picture me staring up at you with big puppy-dog eyes. It works especially well if you picture me as an actual puppy.**)

Take the Sweet Digs survey!

I can’t really promise you any toys or treats or anything, but I can promise that I’ll do my best to give you something worthwhile to read. And then everybody wins.

Thanks all!

*Not real German. Sorry Germany!
**Seriously, can you imagine that? Some cute puppy sitting at a keyboard, typing away with his little paws? That would be adorable!

  • Justdoit

    Hello Bryan,

    You guys have a done a very good job so far by my standards.  However, I'm in a AWC short sale.  There is something that may be a good blog post.  And, that is a series of articles; given the percentage of traditional, foreclosures, and short sales.  My best guess is the precentages are about 40, 30, and 30 respectively.  With that in mind, how about a series of articles on east, west, north and south Phoenix metro valley area traditional , foreclosures and short sales individually (if they differ in any way because of location). I know this requires some research data, however it may be interesting to see what happening on the other side of our little world.

    Topics each area such as:

    1)  Trends (heads up and tips),
    2)  Scams the public may not know of,
    3)  Favorable bank and lenders tips,
    4)  Purchase phases typical time frames (good or bad),
    5)  and Great closing processes

    These are just a few that comes to mind.  I'm sure others will have some great ideas as well.

    Keep up the great work.


  • BryanHowell

    Thanks Justdoit!

    So, I think you're really lucky in that our local agent extraordinaire, Marcus Fleming, is tackling just the sort of issues you're bringing up. He's really becoming one of our star bloggers, and I think his articles are right up your alley. I'd say, just keep tuning in and you'll see exactly the sort of content you want. I'll do my best to support his efforts, but he's definitely your local expert on all the topics you mentioned.

  • Justdoit

    Marcus is doing a great job!!  I found out about Marcus after I started my home search with my buying agent, and Marcus has supported me in several ways.  I don't mind saying, my agent is actually my own brother, however another one of my brothers recommended me to Redfin, where I actually met Marcus.  As it turns out, we are alums from the same university.  So, I'd like to say “thanks Marcus and Redfin”.

  • Brian

    I for one would like to see some way for the average homeowner to find real comps that are meaningful. And whats happening in Historic areas, are they holding value or is it anyones guess?