• candicehartwig

    I am the Sales Director for a builder who sells new construction. Statement number 10 referencing the lender, is misleading and basically incorrect. We recommend our “in house lender” but do not tie any incentives to using them. We encourage our buyers to shop for the best rate and package AND that includes shopping our lender. Most buyers will shop and come back to our lender. There are many reasons why it pays to use our preferred lender; the lender is familiar with our product and neighborhood, our preferred lender will pay a portion of the closing costs, our lender will provides a guaranty to deliver the mortgage date on time. I could go on and on. Please rethink what you are advising.

  • househunter

    great app guys! thanks!

    • BryanHowell

      Glad you like it!

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    One of the important things to remember before buying a brand new house is to hire a licensed and accredited individual to perform the home inspection. You should be present for the inspection and ask questions to the home inspector because a brand new house can contain imperfections.

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    Knowing a thing or two about home construction can help you save time and money for you know which kind to get and what style best suits your lifestyle. It is not enough that your contractor tells you which materials are best for the construction of your home, it would be better if you can determine this on your own.