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redfin_logo.pngIt would be easy for a seller to think that Redfin and most RE sites are oriented toward buyers. It would be correct too. Hey, buyers have the cash and that’s what it’s all about. But, and it’s a big but, aren’t there some advantages to being informed? Redfin and others give you the tools to do as much as you like on your own behalf. Compare prices, analyze sales strategy, compare mortgage plans, even list your own property where millions can see it and respond.

saleswoman.jpgIf you look at my recent blog ‘Recent Sales- La Mesa’ you will see several nearly identical houses that sold recently at widely varying prices. As a seller, you need to know why this happened. You need to ask if all agents are created equal, if the smiling agent at your door is really the best person to sell your home, or if you should take a more active interest in the transaction. Whether or not you choose an agent, you both should know about these resources for listing your property.

One Listing … or many?

one-for-sale-sign.gif how many listings is best?many-for-sale-signs-small.gif

When listing services are free, the answer is easy–advertise everywhere!

These sites are for agents only: Your listing will be redistributed to many other sites.

These sites are for agents and owners: create a Google page for free to show your property used by the Reader newspaper & others agents are using their MySpace to feature listings similar to craigslist international free classifieds redistributes your listing to other sites- HOT! never don’t list with craigslist no way! you’ll see their price estimates in our Redfin listings
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We would also like you to consider Redfin when you sell your house. An experienced Redfin agent can save you thousands of dollars, give you control over your marketing, and handle the paperwork for you. Download a colorful PDF file showing how easy and dependable the process can be. The Redfin San Diego forum is an informal way to ask questions and see what others think of Redfin. Finally, your comment here at the blog can be seen by others and we will try to be helpful.

The short version of selling with Redfin graph_commission_sell.png
In California, the Redfin fee is $4,000, $500 on listing & remainder paid upon the sale of the property. The $3,000 you see in the chart is an up-front fee charged in other states.

If you know of other resources for sellers and sellers’ agents, please share with all of us. Your name can appear here with that of Robin Lynch ( ) who, along with others, provided these links. People will come to know you as a generous and considerate person and your karma will get a gold star.

In summary, there are plenty of places to go and many ways to sell your home. The more you take control, the better your odds of a rewarding experience. Ignorance is not bliss.

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  • James

    Also see for effective full color listing flyer creation and listing distribution

  • Tom Swell

    Thanks James. Impressive web site, good luck with that business! Sellers should note that in addition to free services there are paid services available from several of these sources that may be useful. Of course Redfin is the ultimate paid service for a smart seller.

  • Robin Lynch

    Hi Tom. Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words.

    Robin Lynch