2007 Real Estate Headline News in Review

Real estate dominated business and economic headlines in 2007.  The stories were good, bad and ugly.  Sometimes frightening and sometimes exciting, but always intriguing.  For buyers, it was hopeful; for sellers, grim.  For a while it looked like decent investment opportunities might sprout up in front yards and on wall street.the_good__the_bad___the_ugly_wtitle.jpg

January – Homeowners Cut Prices, Drawing Some Buyers Back

February – Rising Foreclosures Rip Families

March – Scary Math:  More Homes, Fewer Buyers

April – Subprime Worries Shake Up Housing Market

May – The Follies of Measuring Home Prices

June – Foreclosure Crisis Forecast Worsening

July – Post Boom Hangover Lingers

August – No Money Down Disappearing as Mortgage Option

September – How Housing Ills Infected the Economy

October – House Flippers Get Burned Chasing Dream

November – Housing Inventory Climbs to Record Level

December – Pain Street USA:  ’08 Housing Outlook

As the year comes to a close, the stock market appears to be the caboose on the real estate train.  Buyers, sellers, watchers, analysts and brokers alike hope for blue horizons in 2008, albeit with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Will a phoenix rise in the new year or are we doomed to another nasty cycle of fiscal uncertainty?  Whatever comes, we wish you satisfaction, prosperity and great rewards in all your endeavors.