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Goodness there’s a lot of buzz in the marketplace right now.  Things are getting pretty steamy in the world of San Diego real estate.  Consider this a round-up of sorts, bringing you the best ideas from the brightest minds in the local industry together in a single place.  This is a one-stop-shop post dealing with intelligent, insightful commentary affecting current trends in America’s Finest City.

Tom Swell – Tom is a Redfin Maven.  His recent post Monday Madness – Don’t Get Mad, Get Even is the most current entry in an addicting series dealing with crazy ideas and insane diatribes in real estate culture.  This one talks about RottenNeighbor.com and all the dirty laundry being dished by one neighbor against another.  If you’re not following his weekly journal you are missing out.

Peter Toner – Peter is a local realtor and blogger.  He wrote earlier this month about short sales.  His perspective is grounding and informative.  San Diego Short Sales – Are They a Pain in the Neck? is a straight forward discussion about the complications associated with these deals and plain old good sense advice about how best to approach buying a property in distress.

Kris Berg – Kris is a local broker with Prudential California, the realtor I love to hate.  She is opinionated and Redfin gets on her nerves in a big way.  Nevertheless, she is smart and witty and has a great flair for the written word.  Her recent post Am I Coming or Going – Only Microsoft Knows for Sure is a belly chuckling look at Zillow and her own escapades.  Where are you now Kris?

Roberta Murphy – Roberta specializes in the luxury end of the market.  She covers hot topics in that area and all things luxury from bling to gossip.  Her post on 2008 Home Design Trends is a forecast of what we can expect to see in staging this year and probably into 2009.  According to Roberta, purple and grey are the it colors of the year (really?!).   That makes me think of that humongous bruise I got on my shin when I tripped over my son’s skateboard.

Brian Brady – Brian is a local mortgage broker with a blog.  He is clever and saucy.  On Valentines Day he wrote a post called Mortgage Rates Report: February 14, 2008.  It is the most deceptive title I have ever seen.  It should more appropriately be titled ‘Sex, Booze and ARMs.’  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the post, I just think the foreplay didn’t do it justice.

Pat Flannery – Pat is a local real estate agent and political junkie.  She is one of my absolute favorites because she covers topics I love – local politics and silly s–t!  Her recent post San Diego is Fast Becoming a Police State is an unbelievably funny account of her experience being thrown out of a news conference at the Westgate.  All my years in public service have made me jaded enough to know this is just stupid enough to be true.  You go Pat!

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Good Morning San Diego!

  • http://sandiegohomeblog.com Kris Berg

    Dang! A back-handed compliment. (I’ll take it, by the way. This week, I am not in a position to be choosy. :) ) Thanks for the mention, Carol.

  • http://sandiego.redfin.com/blog/author/tom.swell Tom Swell

    Great links, Carol, and thanks for the support!

    I visit several of these sites and Kris, despite her questionable views regarding Redfin, is excellent.

  • http://www.MortgageRatesReport.com Brian Brady


    “These links are the best idea I’ve seen come from Redfin”, Brian said self-servingly.

    Seriously, I think this is a great way to bring Redfin into the conversation.

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