Love and War in the Modern Age


If you’re a real estate junkie, you couldn’t possibly have missed Redfin in the press.  We have been featured in the national and local media including 60 Minutes, KRON4, the Today Show,  the New York Times and the San Diego Union Tribune; to name a few.  Our name pops up in real estate blogs and online news across the nation with increasing frequency. 

Last week we launched a new version of our website.  With each new innovation comes more interest in our smart and simple approach to buying and selling property in the digital age.  We’re not alone, of course, there are others making great advances in the industry.  In fact, we use some of them to supplement our own technology.  What makes us different is that, as an online real estate brokerage, we compete with pavement pounding real estate agents, and they don’t always like it. 

Even tech savvy agents who use online forums as a marketing tool have interests that are different from ours.  They are motivated by priorities that don’t always converge with our vision and, sometimes, that leads down a path we wouldn’t choose.  I say so be it.  C’est la vie.  Live and let live.  It’s no secret that Redfin is an antithetic business model and we’re often on the receiving end of some pretty nasty stuff.  The irony is that we actually complement the efforts of local realtors, promote their listings and offer great exposure not available elsewhere.  Still, despite our love of country and compatriots, we’re seen as the anti-realtor.  In truth, we’re just raising the bar. 

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  • Molly Hadley

    Hi Carol,

    My first take on Redfin was cool “freakish depth.” Then I purused more of your site and got a little defensive due to the anti realtor tone. I engaged in a conversation with Mr. Kelman via his corporate blog and he was gracious enough to admit there may have been some wording on you “What makes us different” page that could be construed as offensive to old school real estate professionals.
    Then I went back and pulled up some of the listings on your site. One problem I encountered immediately was the mapping just shows the immediate neighborhood. Not being from around here I couldn’t tell exactly where they were until I pulled the entire neighborhood listings.
    It may be just a matter of getting used to the format but I couldn’t help wishing there was a one click method of getting a larger area map.
    I still like all the info on one site idea but I am not sure you are there yet. I found the comparable listings not really comparable in my subjective view and wonder how you pull those.
    I sincerely, think you guys have a bit of an under fire mentality going on because you are under fire. If you truely would like to know why you are I can tell you.
    You are disparaging real estate professionals without truely understanding how hard they work to do their job, and not totally understanding their job. You are slightly naive about what drives the market and are assuming the high moral ground for yourselves and the lowest moral ground for others. That’s not nice.
    Why can’t you just offer discounted commission rates without realtor bashing? Your model would still work.
    Again, as I keep asking-what happens when your buyers turn into sellers? Or what if your buyers decide to totally go on their own using a real estate lawyer to present offers after using your site for their info?


  • Carol

    Hi Molly. I really like what you have to say and the way you said it.
    Ah, yes…old school vs. new school. I know people who still use hard wired phones and don’t have computers in their homes (some are even good friends), but they are missing out on some really fantastic advances our society has made intellectually and practically. So hats off to the traditionalists. Keep doing it that way, we’ll do it ours. Advances take time. Eventually one of us will be obsolete.

  • Molly Hadley

    eventually both of us will be obsolete ;)