Monday Madness – Eating Lemon Grove, part 1

Gluttony or Gourmet ?

Let me guess that you like food. In a recent survey more than 3 of 4 people confessed that they like food. Don’t be ashamed, you are not alone. Let me tell you about a local city that has more restaurants per square mile, more restaurants per person, and more restaurants than you can shake a stick at.

Lemon Grove is a compact city ten miles east of downtown San Diego with about 3.80 square miles and 24,000 people, yet there are more restaurants than all your fingers, toes and other protuberances. It’s easy to walk along Broadway from one end of town to the other. For the hungry pedestrian there are many delights. Wear loose clothing on this tour- you’ll put on some inches!



Starting at the west end at College avenue where Broadway merges with Federal Boulevard we find a cluster of eateries. Access to this center is tricky- only right turns will get you in (see map), only right turns will get you out. For now we’ll ignore the possibilities at nearby Marketplace at the Grove mall (technically they are in San Diego).

Rojelio’s Taco Shop, ‘Home of the California Burritos’, is well established with a full and fun Mexican menu. ATM & credit cards OK.

yumyumdonuts2.jpgYum Yum Donuts now offers cappuccino & breakfast sandwiches and accepts credit cards.

Not far from this tiny strip mall are a few available homes, mostly in the city of San Diego near the Marketplace. 3719 Racine Rd is a single family detached home built in 1951 with 821 sq.ft. on a 10,000 sq.ft. lot. 2 beds, 1 bath for $359k. A bit high at $437/sq.ft., ask about a lease purchase.

Boll Weevil is an old standby offering hearty burgers, beer, arcade games and pool tables. Always popular with the locals.

Also near Marketplace is 6544 Lemarand Av, single family detached built 1953 with 1,044 sq.ft, 2 beds, 1 bath for $285k. At $273/sq.ft. it may be a good deal. Listed only 22 days.

The Old Barn Steak House is a mystery. It’s been closed lately and the reasons aren’t clear, but it’s expected to re-open soon.

Finally, right across the street from Marketplace is 6550 College Grove Dr #38. For only $160k you have a condo, 2 beds, 2 bath and about the same size as the previously mentioned sf homes. Of course there is a pool and perhaps a sense of community, and of course that costs extra- about $217/mo for HOA fees.

Sushi is a Japanese restaurant, as you would expect, and very classy looking.

Go home now and work off those pounds. This is just the awful beginning and there are many, many more restaurants along the strip in Lemon Grove. Come back in a week or so for another gluttonous gander.

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