Redfin Upgrading and Expanding (Again!)

tired-programmer.jpgYes, it’s is true, Redfin programmers really never sleep (in a bed anyway). Ever. I mean, how could they, when all they seem to do is make the Redfin site better and better? And build more Sweet Digs blogs for new areas? In fact, I’m beginning to think that no one at Redfin corporate ever sleeps, given their dedication and expansion efforts. No wonder CEO Glenn Kelman needs fancy airbrushed makeup when he does a TV interview, he’s gotta cover up the bags under his eyes.

So what have the Seattle and SF bunch been up to lately? Well they just released Redfin 4.7, their fourth major site release in the past five months.

On the Redfin search site, they have incorporated Google Street View and zoom-in capability on the map of each listing. And when viewing a Sold listing, there is more information for you to help decide if it is a true comparable property, including having the sales history front and center, as well as neighborhood comps for a sold property.

For Buyers, there are better Tour with Redfin and Prepare an Offer messages on each detail page and they have updated the Offer Wizard to allow potential customers to see how it works without having to go through registration. They have also done some spiffiing up on Customer pagesm with new visual designs, more messages and more details.

Redfin has also added another 4,000,000+ homes to their search areas.

On the technical side, they sped up the details pages, fixed the Google page sitemap for SEO, added Firefox 3 support & post to Facebook, let users sewrigley.jpgarch for MLS-listed foreclosures, and added infrastructure for tracking how different conversion messages work. (See what I mean about them never getting any sleep?) Glenn Kelman writes about this today on the corporate blog.

Oh, and Redfin has added a new territory: Welcome the Windy City to the list of cities Redfin now covers. An official Redfin brokerage has opened in Chicago, over 100,000 listings and 1.7 million properties are loaded up and ready to view, and a Chicago Sweet Digs and Chicago forum have been launched. We wish them all success.