San Diego: How Safe Is Your Neighborhood?

I see that up in the San Francisco Bay Area, the local paper has made available “Homicide maps” of both San Francisco and Oakland. These full-service maps contain location tabs, which when clicked on bring a pop-up containing the deceased’s name, date, age, and cause of death for every event occurring in the current year. I looked around for something like it for San Diego and found that you can do a similar—albeit more comprehensive—search on the Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS).

ARJIS has the capability of searching and providing users with a map containing a variety of data, including location, type of incident, and time period. The information is compiled from various local law enforcement agencies, who provide incident data for their jurisdiction.

The map can be made very specific to a location, from a city, to a neighborhood or political district, and even a location of interest. You can search for all crime in that area, or be more specific and look at one of the following: aggravated assault, arson, commercial burglary, homicide, malicious mischief/vandalism, residential burglary, robbery, simple assault, theft, vehicle break-in, and vehicle theft. You can even find out about citations issued for prostitution or narcotics, or about traffic-related incidents, such as DUIs. All incidents are mapped at specific street addresses or intersections with symbols appearing on the streets at those locations.

When logging on to ARJIS, you do have to go through several screens to get to the actual mapping application. These are informational only, and take a few seconds of your time. I’ll walk you through the test map that I did.

Screen 1: Select a Location
I chose Carlsbad, zip codes 92008, 92009, 92010 (I also could have chosen schools, hospitals, tourist attractions, shopping centers, a specific address or a specific intersection)

Screen 2: Select the Incidents
I chose Homicide, Residential Burglary, and Vehicle Theft, thinking like a potential homeowner. (There are 13 Crimes to choose from, 6 Arrest and Citations, and 3 Traffic-related Incidents)sd-crime-map.jpg

Screen 3: Select a Time Period
I chose the last month, May 23-June 21. (You can choose specific months, days, weekends, weekdays.)

Screen 4: Actual Map with Incidents (see image at right)
The map pops up with squares and circles where the requested incidents took place. There is a legend box in the right sidebar which helps decode all the symbols. You can also click on Report in the right sidebar and get a written log of each crime. FYI, there were no homicides, 12 residential burglaries, and 9 vehicle thefts.

So if you want to know how safe a place is, this is a good place to check out the neighborhood.

  • rob

    …or you could always just check the MLS.

    Here’s a lovely property complete with panoramic views of gang tagging!

    Seriously, Mr. Agent… WHAT were you thinking when you uploaded THIS photo?

  • susan.brady

    Unbelievable. Good find, Rob. No wonder this property has dropped the price 8 times for a total of $249,000! And that view….of the freeway…is killer. So, if you are a gang-banging commuter who wants some room to grow something, then this is the place for you?

  • colin

    my company- has a different interface that you might find easier to use. It is intended to be a compliment to the police map.

  • susan.brady

    Thanks Colin!

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  • Eve

    I checked out spotcrime while looking for safe neighborhoods in San Diego.
    It’s a fun site, but it seems like it misses a lot.
    The icons are better than the one on arjis but much of what’s listed on ARJIS just doesn’t show up on
    I know they say it’s a complement, but if it’s missing important information, how useful is it?
    Colin, if you’re reading this…what’s up?