Upside-Down Homeowner Help

upsside-down.jpgI don’t tend to spend a lot of time checking out the International Listings website, because their clientele is a bit different from ours. They market luxury homes around the world, like this multi-level villa outside Athens. Not that I don’t like to dream now and then, but really, what’s the point with the market being what it is. But a while back this website for high-end homes did a great service that just might come in handy with strapped sellers: they did a blog post on Tips and Resources for the Upside-Down Homeowner. In fact, the post contains 101 tips in 9 categories, which include:

  • Getting Ready to Sell
  • FSBO in a Down Market
  • Dealing with Realtors
  • Refinancing
  • Avoiding Foreclosure
  • Avoiding Bankruptcy
  • Rent Your Home (or a portion of it)
  • Weather It Out
  • Invest in Your Home

While not all the tips are great, it could be a great list to read to get a seller thinking about what needs to be done. And since July was another bad month for foreclosures in our fair state, we can probably use all the help we can get.