Weekly News Round-Up: It’s All About Redfin

That’s right, folks, I am taking today’s news round-up and playing cheerleader for Redfin.cheerleader.jpg What’s all the rah-rah about? The programmers have come up with yet another release, updating the already awesome Redfin search engine to V. 4.8. I swear, they must lock those guys and gals in a basement with chains, feeding them only brain food until they come up with something new and amazing. Which they always do.

Redfin is committed to providing you with the best and most accurate information in a timely fashion. They are also generous enough to fund the Sweet Digs blogs, keeping their hands off of what we independent contractors write and report on, so I do feel a duty to them to report on this type of update. But, more importantly, I feel an obligation to you, our readers, to let you know what is available and what can help you in your search for a home or to sell a home. And I still believe that Redfin is the best online site to do that.

What’s new this time around? The full explanation can be found over at the corporate blog, along with graphics, but the basics are:

  • Neighborhood Pages: This is, by far, the best addition ever. (See sample below) This feature allows you to drill down into neighborhoods on a number of levels, showing newest homes listed, upcoming open houses, reduced-price properties, and most and least expensive in an area—all accessible from one page. In addition to neighborhood name search, you can search by zip code and city. There is also market data, school information, and links to city level blogs and forums.


  • Zillow FSBO feed: This is a great new feature because Zillow FSBO listings are more in-depth than any realtors. There are usually more pictures, and a long description from the homeowners themselves.
  • Improved Favorites: more sort features, maps, driving instructions. Great for organizing homes for tours.
  • 4.8 Buttons: When reviewing a property page, over in the sidebar My Redfin section are new buttons for adding to the listing to favorites, sharing it on Facebook, getting directions, and more.
  • Improved Tour Integration: this now includes a shopping cart to load up homes to go and see.
  • Announcement Bar Across the top of the Map Search Screen: This will give you updated news, but it can be turned off with one click, and will not reappear until there is a new announcement message.

So, head on over and take a test drive. Let us know what you think.

  • Alan DR

    I so agree–this neighborhood database is an amazing addition to the Redfin toolbox. I would be happy to pay a subscription to access this valuable data and have it presented so well.

    I’ve reviewed the areas of interest to me and the numbers tell me what I suspected but couldn’t know on my own. I can clearly see that those areas that are dropping prices to meet the market are lowering inventory, but some areas think they are gold plated and will not lower prices so the inventory is rising. The market will have its way. The value is what a buyer is willing to pay, not what the seller thinks it is.

  • http://sfbay.redfin.com/blog/author/susan.brady susan.brady

    Thanks Alan!