Retirement: If Wishes Were Horses….


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Ahhh…the elusive and never-ending search for what we want. It goes on even now, at our age. We’ve had a hard time pinning down what we want, as we know circumstances may change. I’d be perfectly content with a 2 bedroom home, on at least an acre, for under $600,000, somewhere in California. But, my parents have expressed interest in sharing a property with us, so we could look for compounds, a property with two homes on it, for $1mil or so. I am also willing to buy land and build a green, pre-fab home, like a Dwell house, or something from Tiny Tumbleweeds. And further yet, to be near to all our family and really enjoy our retirement years, maybe a small condo in SoCal (San Diego, Palm Springs) and a cabin (near Tahoe or Pinecrest)? Makes me sound greedy, doesn’t it?

For our San Diego purposes, our retirement search will focus on a minimum 1 acre parcel, with minimum 2BR/1BA home, under $600,000. I will, however, keep my eye out for the perfect family compound, just in case one should pop up. Gotta keep those options open. As for other criteria, which would help us in narrowing our search:

Studio or separate building for office/guests
Right now we have a room in our home dubbed the “Brady B&B Room #2″ and it gets used on a regular basis. We have guests all the time, family and friends who visit the area. We love it, kind of like adult sleepovers. If we move away from our children, we do hope they will come to visit often, as well as other family and friends, so a space for them is crucial, as is an office for me. I am a freelancer and work 95% from home and need a dedicated space for myself.

I have never owned a pool in my life, unless you count those inflatable kiddie pools. If we live in a warm area, I’d like a pool. Of course, if we move close to the ocean or a lake, I’d be happy to forget this little option.

Single story (two story okay if there is one or more BR on first floor)
I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 13 years. I’ve adjusted my habits and try to keep it at bay, as best I can. But I am trying to think ahead, and stairs would not be the wisest choice for me (unless elevators are involved, which isn’t likely in this price range).

Style of home
I really, really don’t want a rancher. I want something with character: a barn, an old church, a Victorian, a cool mid-mod, a Craftsman or even a Spanish-style. Something unique, unusual. Doesn’t have to be in tip-top condition, in fact, I’d prefer a fixer, so I can put in the kitchen I have always longed for…..

I’ve been perusing real estate online in the following San Diego county cities:

  • Vista
  • Escondido
  • Ramona
  • San Marcos
  • El Cajon
  • Santee
  • Lakeside
  • Fallbrook

I’ve also been advised to check out Coronado (for a condo only), Valley Center (near Fallbrook), and I fell in love with Encinitas yesterday when we were driving around, so will put that on the list.

It’s rather ambitious of me to think I can check all these out in the week that I am here, but I’m going to do my best, in between working and visiting friends. First up will be Vista,Escondido and Ramona.

  • Kaydee

    BTW, I feel a bit about El Cajon as I do about Santee (yuck)… however, not QUITE as much. :) You have to really pick-and-choose in El Cajon if you ask me. Given your requirements, you may have already weeded out the yuckies in EC.

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