Help Us Write a Home Selling Guide, Get a T-Shirt

Today, we’re officially launching the remaining sections of our Home Buying Guide. This is something we’ve been working on for a long, long time, and it feels good to get it out the door.

That’s not to say we won’t continue trying to make the guide an even better resource for home buyers; we’ll be tweaking, polishing, adding to, and editing this thing until the next ice age. If you have suggestions, comments, or questions about any of our HBG content, please leave a comment here, or on any page of the guide itself.

But we are starting to gear up for our next big guide project — the Redfin Home Seller’s Guide. We’ll be packing it full of useful information, with a heavier emphasis on interactive features, quizzes, graphics, illustrations, and other goodies.

Here’s where you come in: if you’re selling a home, what’s the stuff that keeps you up at night? What can’t you find good information about? What’s confusing? What’s frustrating? What do you wish you’d known three months ago?

Finally, if you’d like to be involved in providing customer feedback on preview versions of the guide as it’s developed, just drop a comment here and let us know. We’d love your input, and if we choose you to be in our customer feedback group, we’ll send you a free Redfin T-shirt.

  • Joesmith

    The key to selling is lowering the price. The asking prices are way to high. Sellers must drastically cut prices in order to sell.

  • Steve

    Make sure that your listing presentation (what potential buyers see online) represents your house very well.  You're selling a several hundred thousand dollar product, don't try to market your house with photos from a point & shoot camera (or even worse…a camera phone).  Include as much information as possible, such as floor plans to help buyers learn as much as possible about your house.

  • Swiminthesea

    Please be as generous as you are able to with photos.

  • BryanHowell

    Thanks! If you're interested in joining our feedback group, please drop me a line at bryan.howell (at) and I'll get you signed up.

  • Audra

    Photos won't do a lot of good unless they are photos of beautifully staged rooms, so that is a seller's starting point.  Since sellers can't be objective about their own “things” they need to use a professional home stager who understands the buyer demographic (San Diego has several) and merchandising each space.

  • Marjorie Andrews

    There are several ways on how to successfully sell your home to and one of the most common strategy that you can do is Home staging it is the process of remodeling your home and preparation before your sell it.

    Marjorie Andrews,
    home staging New York