Redfin San Diego Gets Personal

Big news, San Diego! We’re upgrading our service here. Now, whenever you sign up to tour a home or meet an agent, the agent you meet will also be the one who sees you through the whole process: They’ll meet you on the first tour, see the home, negotiate your deal and hand you your keys once closed. The commission refund we offer buyers will, as a result, change from a flat 50% of our commission (with Redfin’s minimum $6,000 fee) to a range between 15% and 50%, depending on the price of the home, with no minimum fee.

Customers Love the Personal Service
We keep hearing how important it is to have an agent that’s 100% on your side, working for your best interest and not for a commission. It’s how Redfin has always done business, and that’s not changing. With our new service in San Diego, you get that same level of service, using tools that keep you in the loop at every step. But now, your agent can really get to know you personally and determine your needs along the way.

A 15-50% Refund
Our fee for selling a home is still 1.5% of the home price. But our refund for home-buyers will now depend on the list price of the home, so you’ll know up front exactly how much you’ll get back. For a $500,000 home in San Diego, the typical refund would be $4,311. Our website has all the details on the new commission refund. The estimated refund, based on the list price, will always be displayed on the listing page in the upper-right corner.

Since there is no longer a minimum with our new pricing plan in San Diego, your refund will actually be bigger on homes with list prices $287,000 and under, and more people will get a refund.

Existing Customers Are Eligible for Whichever Refund is More
If you’ve already contacted us to tour a home, talk to an agent or write an offer, you’ll receive the refund option that’s highest. If you close on a home by Feb. 29, 2012, we’ll either honor the old refund pricing, or give you the new pricing, depending on which gives you more money back.

This new level of service is limited to a few cities now, but it looks like it’s catching on. Turns out people love it when you combine full-service agents who aren’t paid on commission with access to the best information available about the homes and the agents.

A Redfin agent can show you how the whole process works, and give you insight on how the housing market is doing in your area, even down to the neighborhood level. Check out the reviews of our San Diego-area agents and find the right agent for you.