Sweet Digs: Bring Your Builder!

“Bring your Builder!” cries the ad for today’s Seattle Sweet Digs. This lovely property in Ravenna is notable because it is a double lot that is close in to downtown for under $600,000. This is actually even more interesting when compared against last week’s Sweet Digs just a few blocks to the Northwest. That house sold in less than a week and I’m sure this one will go even faster. The 4 bedroom/1.5 bathroom house that’s currently on the lot photographs well and looks like it might certainly be livable as is. However, $600K is a bargain for two empty lots in Ravenna and I’m sure the contractors and developers are already smelling blood in the water.


The house currently on the lot has been there for nearly 100 years and has some nice looking built-ins and other amenities, but clearly it’s the 6,120 square foot lot that is driving the popularity of this listing. Take a look at the map and you can quickly see that this house is nearly $200/square foot cheaper than the neighborhood average of $440. Also, any home built on this lot will have the extra convenience of being close to the totally renovated Roosevelt High School and 65th.