No Joke, Each Room is Special

Today’s most-clicked on Seattle property has a conservative facade that conceals a mostly funky-looking interior: 3 bedrooms, 1.75 bathrooms, 1,320 square feet, listed at $325,000. No single room here looks like another. A wall covered in wood paneling, leads way to a brick wall, that stands next to a wall painted in white. One bathroom has marble-like tiling and baby blue trim. The other has mirror-black tiles and gold trim.
blog 7-25.jpg
The wall next to the stove looks like the exterior of a house. Kind of a neat trick for the claustrophobic cook. A large workshop sits in the back that undoubtedly housed the tools used to spruce up each room in the house.
blog2 7-25.jpg
This property sits in a part of the city that’s unusually wooded for the area. Jefferson Park Golf Course is just northwest of the house and I-5 is nearby to the west. It was last sold for $162,500 back in 1998.
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  • Ed

    Special indeed.