Your Own Superhero Hideout for Just $639,000

Today’s most-clicked on property stands out among the cookie-cutter homes that litter Kirkland’s posh waterfront district. It was designed by the emiment local architect, Paul Hayden Kirk, known for melding sleek lines and boxy shapes into the wooded Northwest landscape: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2,000 square feet, listed at $639,000. The lack of ornamentation in the original design keeps the place from looking overly dated, considering it was built in 1954. Sure, the landscaping, renovated interior, and meticulously planned staging (there’s a painting on the wall that should come pre-packaged with the pink and brown bed set) all help to bring this property up to date.
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Clicking through the pictures, I can’t help but think this house would be perfect for a live-action remake of The Incredibles: similar architecture inspired from the same time period. Right, anyway, on to the numbers.
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Kirkland’s average list price is $1,047,440 and the median list price is $649,900. This Sweet Dig was last sold for $156,000 in 2000. Homes for sale within a few block radius hover around the million dollar mark. A palatial home with a ridiculous 13 bathrooms and a lot the size of a condominium complex is for sale across the street for $1.6 million. Don’t rush to buy it just yet; it’s been on the market for 152 days.
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