Black Friday One Week Early

After receiving a flood of calls and emails last week with our first new construction deal, we’ve decided to continue these posts that disclose the extra incentives that agents aren’t always willing to do. This week’s deal is at Serenity Condominiums in Juanita, located in between Kirkland and Downtown Bothell. Buyers get a 32″ LCD TV, first 12 months of home owner association dues paid, and up to $5,000 in closing costs. Agents receive a $2,000 bonus on top of a full 3% in commission. Instead of pocketing the extra $2,000, Redfin will refund 2/3rds of that amount; equivalent to $1,334.
Only 16 out of 100 units are available at this point. And while they’re not exactly flying off the shelves (thus the incentives), we will bust down their doors to get you into a condo if need be. Could you imagine if these condos were offered with a Playstation 3 (maybe this year’s ultimate holiday incentive)?
If you go: There is one incredibly important thing you must do if you want to qualify for the refund. You must register that you are using Redfin as your agent when you visit the site.

Also, you can send us any new construction deals you find our way by emailing