South Seattle: Hey, The Grass IS Greener!

Generally speaking, I’m drawn to review houses that are remotely near the price range that I might be in, were I looking for a new home. (When I say “remotely”, it means: give or take a hundred thousand dollars.) That way, the assessment garners a little more personal relevance. While there is some vicarious thrill in looking at a million dollar house, it fades pretty quickly when you know the house is just as unattainable as another episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.


That being said, let’s break the price range rule again for this sweet dig. First off, you can’t tell by the listing photographs that there’s a great view of Lake Washington from the curbside of the house. That brings the view tally up to three. Secondly, it looks small and tidy from the street, but is actually quite spacious through some very clever design. Third, don’t let the South Graham Street address fool you. Those of us in South Seattle know Graham St. to be an unattractive, busy, all-purpose corridor from lower Columbia City to I-5 and beyond. The street’s character is completely changed at this longitude, making it a scenic and narrow lane with tons of airy charm. Fourth, awww, just look at it!

This house is billed as being sold as-is reflecting the “need for some cosmetic updating”, which I can only imagine refers partially to the unfortunate interior paint job. The pink and lime combination gives one the impression of living inside a watermelon, but that is easily fixed if you prefer apples. If this house is remotely in your price range, hooray for you!


Nuts and bolts: $725,000. Last sold in 1999 for $358,800. 3,700 square feet. 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.