Bainbridge Island: Parks a Plenty, Parks Galore

I admit I got a little tangled up theme-wise in the Pigs post a couple days ago. I just needed a brisk walk in the park. And speaking of which, Jessi’s report on Bellevue’s parks got me thinking about some of the park possibilities here on Bainbridge:

Battle Point Park
A myriad of options await the recreationally-inclined here, including a Kid’sUp! playground built by local residents, tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, and a Yogi Bear-worthy sheltered picnic area. 285837870_a10fc8a5be_m.jpg
I do a couple loops around the1.5 mile jogging trail on Fridays with my pal Ruth.
We spend most of the time dislodging leashes from stroller wheels–a little thing we like to call exercise. My toddler emancipates himself somewhere around the duck pond and ambles around looking at rocks and squatting down to examine his rain boots while my pug ends up in the stroller…
If you’re into planning ahead, be sure not to miss the Blue Grass festival.

On a warm day nothing beats hiking in the 240 acre Grand Forest. At least that’s what I’ve heard from those who hike it. Trouble is, when the weather is nice, I don’t want shade overhead, and when it’s cold, I don’t want shade overhead. But it looks nice on the website.
My personal low key favorite is Eagledale Park , a seven acre spot tucked in an older residential neighborhood. It’s ideal for a kid’s birthday party, but you can also play tennis or live your dream the way my friend did on her fortieth birthday when she rented a small steam roller to flatten objects in the parking lot.

I’ll bring you more on Bainbridge’s parks down the line.

  • Natalia Ilyin

    My favorite park edifice is that stage that looks like a boat that’s built down in Waterfront Park. Of course the observatory in Battle Point is pretty great, too. And the Pea Patch community gardens… but wait! You were talking about real estate and I drifted off….Just thinking of, you guessed it: a little cottage on the island and a Pea Patch garden of my own, filled with zucchini a-plenty, zucchini galore.