Best Reason In Seattle To Stop Owning and Start Renting

I’d sell my beloved bungalow in an instant if I had the connections and cash to afford this fabulous apartment in the Smith Tower.

What makes me drool is that it’s unique. Not just in location, but in architecture. Ever since I began sketching houses when I was 10, I always wanted something that was different from everybody else’s. At the time, that meant dreaming about anything except the vanilla tract home where I was living. A loft space in an old meat-packing plant, for instance. (Yes, Miss Anti-Manners, I am old enough to remember when Tribeca was a slum.)

Today, that means lusting after the top floor of what was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi. Or, as I wrote in my bio, the U-District Carnegie library. But both are out of my reach, so I keep remodeling my 1920 bungalow, making it a reflection of my taste and style. It’s not unique, but it is individualistic.

Come to think about it, that ability to leave my personal stamp on a house is still the best reason I know to own instead of rent.

  • Glenn Kelman

    Amy strikes again! Great post.

  • Marcella Branniff

    Amy, props to you for a great post. I love the Smith tower myself, and it’s a treat to see these great photos. (drool.) Thanks!

  • Amy Helen Johnson

    Agreed, the photos are the key. It wasn’t enough for me to know the apartment is up there. I wanted a peek inside!

  • Guest

    Full of demons, that house. Better call someone to bless it first, Martyn. Otherwise it will be nothing but a money pit, for sure.

  • specialhead

    what a dump

  • JustanOguy

    Tough call. I went to a private party in that house back in 1992 and it was pretty interesting to say the least. The house has obviously gone to shambles and let’s just say the surrounding neighborhood isn’t gaining any popularity as the area to live in Las Vegas.

  • jon liberace

    Very bad investment ,will never get a positive return, what makes this man think the city of Las Vegas is going to give a license to use home as a tourist attraction, the interior has been destroyed by previous owner , it will cost at least 800 thousand to a million to restore to liberace grander , good luck getting the foundation to support this acquisition they have run liberace s foundation into the ground. This is going to be a money pit and will eventually be torn down .

  • Lilly Koy

    I think it’s easy to think it’s dreadful because we are looking at it through the lens of today’s aesthetic. But he lived in it in the 70s and 80s. When I was a kid in Las Vegas (mid 70s) many of the houses were the sprawling flat-ish houses with low ceilings, and people did aspire to decorate in that tacky overly-ornate style (though clearly, none of them did that the way Liberace did). The house’s proportions do look very strange by today’s standards and that neighborhood is not a great one.

  • leecarson

    so happy someone bought it who cares. however the neighborhood is not good. pick the house up and move it!!!!! Make sure you have good security over there!

    • Freddy J G-Daddy

      Hey, the Elvis mansion is in a worse neighborhood, and look at the money its making. You never know.

  • Southpark1234567890

    Thank goodness somebody bought this….I pray it’s restored and does become a tourist attraction……I’m sure if it is full of demons this will only make the house even more of a tourist attraction because take a look at the amityville horror house visitations by the public….they even tried to remove the bricks for souvenirs….do you know something we don’t guest???

  • Southpark1234567890

    The House was what Liberace liked…..Hellur!!! Hence the name Liberace’s Mansion and the house is what…..50 some years old…..yes I’m sure it’s damaged….but still it needs to be restored, moved then restored….something….this is a shame that this man is treated with such disrespect……his music is beautiful…take a listen sometime….
    I think he knew who he was and I think he knew people knew who he was, but due to the time he was forced to deny……who’s business was it anyway…..if he’d show up at your house back when he was alive and why you’d turn all star struck….grantee you would not have turned him away….come on!!! What an interesting human being…..oooooo I would have loved to have gotten to visit with him for a day…..what stories he must have had……

    • jelaine

      I agree with you Southpark1234567890