South Seattle: Blogging for My Dinner

This recent NY Times article featured a chap after my own heart – a man whose real estate choice was heavily influenced by cuisine. It prompted me to remember my own list of must haves from my first house hunt. Living close to amenities, including good places to eat, was at the top of the list. As a result, I can walk about seven minutes or less to the post office, my bank, the library, a used bookstore and an independent cinema, and plenty of other services and boutiques.

For dining out I have a tremendous number of options all in a stretch of four blocks: great pizza, Caribbean food, pub fare, very good BBQ from either a small or large joint, a terrific Sicilian restaurant, soul food, Mexican food from either a restaurant or taco truck, excellent diner food, a fab bakery, gyro and falafel, reliable and tasty bar eats and great drinks, Ethiopian food, Vietnamese food, halal cuisine, and a Farmer’s Market for the rare days of summer when I want to prepare my own meal.

For me, this is a quintessential part of urban living, and in Seattle it’s also a key ingredient to what shapes our individual neighborhoods. I doubt that every home seeker out there holds culinary offerings in such high esteem or at the top of their most wanted list but it’s a fun question to ask yourself: would you move for food?

  • vc

    Yes, I’d move for food. =) I’m hoping to live in Capitol Hill, and the food options there were a big part of my decision.

  • Amy Helen Johnson

    I totally agree about the amenities, Polly. I learned with my second house to pick the neighborhood first, the home second. And good restaurants are definitely an amenity. Didn’t Dante describe one of the circles of Hell as a place where you could eat only something fried or franchised?