Whatever You Do, Make Sure You Go to the Bathroom

Yesterday’s most-clicked property on Redfin Seattle was an attractively updated 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom co-op on Capitol Hill in the incredibly rare sub-$200K range.


While the home seems quite nice and, at just $245/square foot, is a good deal for the area, I think my favorite thing would be the location. Sure you get a nice kitchen with the place but how could you bring yourself to eat there when you’re just a block from Coastal Kitchen?! That place is the very first restaurant I ate atwhen I came to Seattle 8 years ago and I still love to go there to this day. The food is fantastic and it’s always fun to see what they’ve added to the menu in concert with the theme of the month. The real winner though, is the bathroom. They almost always have custom language tapes playing in there in keeping with the theme. Once, when the theme was Barcelona, I actually learned how to say “Tie me to the mast” in Spanish. (Admittedly, I’ve forgotten now…) So take a look at the property this weekend and then go have a nice breakfast and post a comment here with the phrase you learned!

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