Bainbridge Island: Hugging Billy Collins

Photo Credit: Juliet Van Otteren

Sunday, April 29 won’t be the first reading by former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins on Bainbridge Island. Collins turns up here every so often to entertain the masses, (though a little bird tells me he really comes to golf with a buddy).

I’ve seen him read twice before, the first time BPL, at the smaller Bainbridge Performing Arts venue. He tumbled into the Winslow Way Café after the reading.

And I hugged him.

Actually, he hugged me after my friend Robin shouted “We love you, Billy!” from behind her cup of green tea and looked on, making me look like the instigator.

Billy didn’t recognize me the second time I met him–in an intimate moment along with the 600 other people standing in line to have their books signed at the Bainbridge High School gym.

Still, hugging Billy Collins remains my claim to fame.

That and meeting Jack and Elaine LaLanne at a Grocer’s convention.

Incidentally, the whole Billy Collins hug thing happened the same night I was carded ordering a glass of chardonnay.

Good times.

Tickets for Billy go on sale Thursday, March 29 from the BIAHC office at 205-842-7901.

Have I mentioned that I once chatted with Rodney Dangerfield at a New York comedy club?