South Seattle: Express Lane


This re-done Craftsman in the Seward Park area has a nice dose of curb appeal, and it isn’t too far away from Lake Washington. Unfortunately, the house isn’t too far away from Rainier Avenue either, which is one of the reasons I suspect it hasn’t sold yet.

The real scoop is, if the sale history is accurate, this house was purchased in November of 2006 for $285,000 and then fixed up in only four months to get ready for resale. Four months? In a few respects, this haste on this property seems to have shown up in the details and design.

For example, the balcony deck off the master bedroom is right next to the entertaining deck, both overlooking a fairly small and uninspiring yard. In my opinion, the balcony felt redundant and odd. For decks in the wet Northwest, it would have also been promising to see them choose a different decking wood.

By looking in the windows, I could tell that the hardwood floors, although refinished, had a long and hearty life behind them. And some of the windows (especially on the front door) bore the marks of an overenthusiastic caulk job.

One on hand, with properties like these, you get the benefits of a new electrical system, plumbing and roof, which is a serious plus. On the other hand, it is comforting to know that other work around the house is done with care and an emphasis on longevity. With these quick flips being all the rage in my neighborhood, it seems difficult to have it all.


The Numbers: Price: $444,000. Last sold in 2006 for $285,000. 1,608 square feet. 3 bedrooms, 2.25 baths.